Welsh Cardigans

We specialize in breeding quality Black & White and Blue Merle Cardigan Corgis since 1999 . Have taken a fancy to Black & Whites and Blue Merles with tan points . Will start selecting promising tan pointed puppies to develop a line . We offer puppies for sale to qualified homes and generally have three litters per year. Our older Cardigan friends will sometimes be placed in special homes to enjoy their retirement .
Thanks to the recent enforcement of zoning restrictions from the Town of Glenville , we are no longer allowed to have chickens . Still enjoy vegetable gardening . Started raising Californian Rabbits this Spring .
We welcome inquiries about Cardigans and am generally available by email . Am member of Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America & New England Yankee Cardigan Club . Breeder in good standing with AKC . Have AKC , Canadian champions & Grand Champions . Recently AKC notified us that based on our history , number of champions , showmanship , & number of litters successfully whelped , Big Ears Kennel can apply for Breeder of Merit status !
People have found my old website on angelfire . It has not been updated in 10 years & states " no puppies " . Not so , we have puppies & will have more in the future ! Follow my blog , bigearskennel.blogspot.com !
Wish people will understand Mother Nature limits color & gender of pups available . We try to match the best pup to a good home . That can only be done by visiting & bonding . Shipping is not an option , too many horror stories . Many online sites promise Blue Merles & shipping . Before you send money to these sites , check them out . Many are fronts for puppy mills & scams . One site had over 144 complaints !
Best contact bet is my email : bigearsk@gmail.com . Ready for this . . . I got a new computer . Now relearning new programs !

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

El Tosco Takes A Bite Out Of Crime !

No that's just El Tosco's well used tug of war toy ! El Tosco runs the neighborhood Wellcome wagon & is friendly to  all !

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunny Glenville !

Wendy stop moving !

Maybe Heddi will whelp in March ?

Betty Boop enjoying the sunny deck .

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Dogs Treed A Cat !

Once I shined a flashlight , I learned the source of my barking dogs wasn't a cat !