Welsh Cardigans

I specialize in breeding quality black and white and blue merle Cardigan corgis since 1999 . I offer them for sale to qualified owners and generally have three litters per year. Thanks to the recent enforcement of zoning restrictions from the Town of Glenville , I am no longer allowed to have chickens . Still enjoy vegetable gardening . Planning to raise Californian Rabbits this Spring . I welcome inquiries about Cardigans and am generally available by email .
Am member of Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America & New England Yankee Cardigan Club . Breeder in good standing with AKC . Have AKC & Canadian champions .
People have found my old website on angelfire . It has not been updated in 10 years & states " no puppies " . Not so , we have puppies & will have more in the future ! Follow my blog , bigearskennel.blogspot.com !
Wish people will understand Mother Nature limits color & gender of pups available . We try to match the best pup to a good home . That can only be done by visiting & bonding . Shipping is not an option , too many horror stories .
Best contact bet is my email : bigearsk@gmail.com . Another reason to email , cutting back on cable . Decided I rather pay my school tax than cable bill ! Will keep email & internet .

Monday, July 27, 2015

Frank & Wendy !

 Frank giving the stink eye !
Wendy with the tape off . Will see if she can hold them up !

Joni Found Love !

Joni's owners are crazy about her & Joni seems crazy about them ! Joni even shares " her " bed with them ! What a dog !

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Poor YoYo !

He was so young ! What he's just sleeping ?

Still Smiling !

GC George is such a gentle fellow . He's happy to sit in his crate & watch the world go by !

And Holding !

Wendy's ears are still taped & standing . Never had masking tape hold so well !

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Some Like It RUFF !

Daisy & Jerry rough housing to the amusement of their owners !

Two Gals !

 Erin was two on April 6 & is waiting to meet Roscoe , an outside male , sometime soon !
Sally was one on May 8 & when she's two , will be paired with GC George !