Welsh Cardigans

We specialize in breeding quality Black & White and Blue Merle Cardigan Corgis since 1999 . Have taken a fancy to Black & Whites and Blue Merles with tan points . We offer puppies for sale to qualified homes and generally have three litters per year. Our older Cardigan friends will sometimes be placed in special homes to enjoy their retirement .

Thanks to the enforcement of zoning restrictions from the Town of Glenville , we are no longer allowed to have chickens . Still enjoy vegetable gardening . Added raising Californian Rabbits too . Wife has two retired Greyhounds .

We welcome inquiries about Cardigans and am generally available by email , bigearsk@gmail.com . Am member of Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America & New England Yankee Cardigan Club . Breeder in good standing with AKC . Have AKC , Canadian champions & Grand Champions . Recently AKC notified us that based on our history , number of champions , showmanship , & number of litters successfully whelped , Big Ears Kennel can apply for Breeder of Merit status !

People have found my old website on angelfire . It has not been updated in decades & states " no puppies " . Not so , we have puppies & will have more in the future ! Follow my blog , bigearskennel.blogspot.com !

Over the years two things that bother me are ; those that ask only price & the term corgi . There are so many questions a interested party may ask about Cardigans , price should not be the first & only question ! One fellow's entire inquiry was " How much , might be interested in a female " ? My reply based on this limited inquiry was " $82,000 " . He did not appreciate my humor . Now corgi is my second bafflement . Few people realize there are two corgi breeds . I've answered " corgi " inquiries in great detail , in a series of emails , only to learn they were only interested in Pembrokes . So if you inquire about " corgis " , I will try to define which breed . If your only question is price , I may not reply !

Wish people will understand Mother Nature limits color & gender of pups available . We try to match the best pup to a good home . That can only be done by visiting & bonding . Shipping is not an option , too many horror stories . Many online sites promise Blue Merles & shipping . Before you send money to these sites , check them out . Many are fronts for puppy mills & scams . Some will never see their money or puppy . One site had over 144 complaints !

A common request we get for this uncommon breed is " A Blue Merle female " . Cardigans are not a common breed . There are only a few breeders east of the Mississippi . Only a few of these breed for Blue Merles . To get a quality Blue Merle , one must breed to a Black & White for crisp color & avoid genetic faults attached to recessive genes . Breeding for Blue Merles a litter may produce one or two Blue Merles . One might be a female . For every Blue Merle pup we get 10 inquiries . So don't be hurt if Mother Nature is cruel !

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hey There Georgie Girl !

Georgie Girl is too young to drive , even for a learner's permit , but try to tell a Cardigan !

Be Seeing You !

Little Red Sable girl moving only a few miles away . We'll see her grow & hear stories how Harley impressed everyone !

Never Volunteer !

We had a couple of volunteer pumpkins . These pumpkins were not planted . Somehow they survived the winter & seeded themselves . We have volunteer tomatoes , but they sprout up in areas tomatoes were grown the year before . Thinking squirrels & chipmunks might have pulled a Johnny Pumpkin-seed !

And Then There Were Two !

This boy could stay here . He has good bone , steady , good markings , & nice pedigree  .
Wendy's girl is tiny , like her mom . Getting some brindle markings . Sweet & if stays , may have Copper ( sable boy ) or Leggs come courting in a few years . If we only bred the biggest , in a few generation we'd have Cardigan Ponies !

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Old Roomies !

Betty Boop's new owner remembers when Betty & Lily were room mates .

Cardigan Vacation !

Lily at Steps Beach in Nantucket . Nice to see my dogs get to vacation , Kate & I don't ! 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Managed A Few Photos !

The Gang's getting smaller !
On the scent !
Wendy still watches !
Where did they go ?
We can dig under the wall !
Maybe not !

Tried To Take Some Photos !

But we had a camera hog !

Headed For Maine !

New family requested photo of their intended pup . I was able to play midwife & save him at whelp . Hard to get a Cardigan to hold still !
Here's looking at you !

Going To The YMCA !

Grace will be living near the Glenville YMCA . Chances are Kate & Journey will bump into them walking in the Park .

Scandal At Big Ears !

Belle & YoYo , getting along like cats & dogs ! At times they were too close . Neighbors would talk . To break up this forbidden love , Belle was sent to live in NJ . YoYo continues to scare my other Cardigans & boss his way onto the Greyhound's mat . Belle has become a cherished NJ princess .

Lost One Of The Good Guys !

Cassidy was a good cat . Kate had him a long long time . He pasted away yesterday at 17 1/2 . Took him a while to warm up to me ( not unusual ! ) but he'd would sit by me & watch TV .  Kate would " talk Siamese " to him & he would answer .  Quite strange watching the two try to out meow each other ! Up till a few months ago , to the amazement of the other cats , he would chase his toys & " talk Siamese " at night . He thought he was the Walmart Greeter of Big Ears Kennel . Sometimes he would sit on registration forms , as we tried to complete them ! As cats go , he was one of the good guys .

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Can A Leopard Change Their Spots ?

Solo is very much like Waldo at an early age , color wise .
See how much lighter he was ?
Waldo darkened up , so will Solo . Well we know a Cardigan can change their spots !

There's Money In Trash !

How many times have you heard that ? Yesterday I was down in the dumps . Yes looking for a fresh supply of newspapers for our puppies . While sorting newspapers , I found a five dollar bill ! At first I thought is was some advertising trick , but is was real ! Only a Scotts-Irishman could be waist ( waste ? )  deep in trash & find a $5 bill !

I collected a stack , enough to fill the passenger side of my truck . For $5 I'll let the neighborhood kids have 30 minutes searching for more money that might be in there !

Friday, August 11, 2017

Fluffy Girl Goes To Philly !

Whatcha thinking about ?
Smooching !

Where's The Camera ?

Betty Boop loves the camera !

Busy ! Busy ! Busy !

Been asked to post a few photos of Harry . Been real busy with Rabbits & puppies , but here's a few !
Harry the dog whisper ! Ricky is a good listener !

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Country Gal !

This pretty gal is going to Cobleskill . Not sure if just the rolling farm country or the college too !

Fish Travel In Schools !

Monty doesn't know , dogs are not allowed in school ! He helps his new owner read books to children  on Summer break . Loves kids but hates the janitor's broom !

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Good Things Come To Those That Wait !

Erin's Fluffy made an impression ! Visitor emailed , decided this was the girl for them . She has so much personality & her ears are going up !

Monday, August 7, 2017

Camera Time !

" Did you hear that ? "
" My what big ears you have ! "
" They call me Mister Copper ! "
" Quick CPR ! "
" Quick get my picture before my ears drop ! "
" Sure now you show ! Where were you when my ears were up ? "

Saturday, August 5, 2017

No ! George Got Ran Over By A Wagon !

Turns out it was only fur I combed out of Erin ! Using your imagination , you could see his curled tail , hips & body under the wagon . . . especially if you got into rum & coke earlier !

Count Your Fingers !

Action shot sent in of 3 dogs & a cat attacking a crinkling last bag containing dry toast sticks ! 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Serious Time !

First time tried feeding all puppies together . In a week , they will quarrel too much & need separate dishes !

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

1984 Movie " 2 + 2 = ? "

Erin's fluffy girl . Black & White with tan points , she has a sweet temperament .
Solo's the boy! Very mellow . Don't look into his blue eyes ! Too late , you're hooked !
Nice Blue Merle boy from Wendy's litter .
Wendy's only girl & Black & White .